Visit of Capilano Supension Bridge park in Vancouver

Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver in Canada

In this new day of our road trip through the United States and Canada, after a great breakfast at the Denny's neighbor of our motel, where we were given a 20 percent discount for staying in it, we left in the opposite direction to Vancouver for visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge park.

We really did not know what this visit was about, but it appeared on many tourist websites and in hotel brochures.

After buy the ticket That seemed expensive ($ 29.95 in 2012), we started our visit to the park.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver in Canada

It is a park formed in a Great forest with various trails, all around a famous suspension bridge.

On the walk you will find numerous information panels that explain various aspects of the park, its origins, its flora, its fauna and a review of the native Indian populations of the area.

And there is no lack of restaurants and souvenir shops.

He Capilano Suspension Bridge It was originally built in 1889, and in its first construction hemp ropes with a cedar plank deck were used, but in 1903 it was replaced by a wire rope bridge.

In 1935 local Indian Indians were invited to place their totems in the park.

The current bridge was completely rebuilt in 1956.

The totems, an attraction of the Capilano Suspension Bridge park in Vancouver in Canada

He Capilano Suspension Bridge It is 137 meters long, 70 meters high over Capilano River and is pedestrian with wooden floor.

In 2004, the Treetops Adventure, seven walkways suspended between the fir trees on the west side of the canyon, forming a corridor up to 30 meters above the forest floor.

Apart from the bridge itself and the Treetops Adventure, the park also has ecotourism trails of the rainforest, gardens that have been awarded, nature trails, the largest private collection in North America of original totems, decoration and period costumes, and exhibitions highlighting the history of the park.

Capilano Suspension Bridge suspension bridge in Vancouver in Canada

Visitors can also witness a performance by local tribes, with their traditional ceremonial costumes, masks, dancing and storytelling.


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