Coast to Coast (13) - Visit Georgetown and Arlington Cemetery in Washington

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

Today is Sunday and we start our second day in Washington DC, in our coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada.

We left the hotel early, at 8.30 am, and headed straight for Georgetown, population near Washington DC.

The route from the hotel has been through roads without much traffic, we imagine that because it is festive, crossing a beautiful park, Rock creek park, where many people did sports or walked.

Georgetown It is a university city, a population previously separated from Washington DC, but currently absorbed by the capital. Located on the bank of Potomac river, has a small port, the Washington Harbor, with canoes and some yacht.

Kennedy Tomb at Arlington Cemetery in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

The Wisconsin Avenue It is a pleasant place to walk where there are many shops, although today they were closed Sunday. We have walked through this avenue, through the port and through the university campus, which reminds us of European universities such asOxford.

Next we have gone to visit the Arlington Cemetery, at the other side of Potomac river, where we have taken a long walk of about three hours!

In Arlington we have visited the tomb of JFK, with the eternal flame, where it is also buried Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (This is indicated by the slab of his grave). There is also a baby, son of the previous ones who lived shortly.

Arlington Cemetery in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

From this place, being located on a hill, you can see a large part of the city of Washington DC, observing the Lincoln Memorial, he Obelisk, and even the Capitol.

We have also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where can you see the inscription “Here the remains of an American soldier known only to God lie with honor and glory". At 11 am, we were able to attend the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard.

Then we have visited the Arlington house, building with a great history behind its walls.

Arlington Cemetery in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

On a green lawn, very, very careful there are countless graves with a white marble Christian cross. There are also others with the David's star and others with Muslim symbolism. It really impresses and you shrink a little that environment, reminiscent of Normandy cemeteries.

After picking up the car we had left in the parking lot of the Arlington Cemetery, We have headed towards the city center. After more than 45 minutes of laps, we have been able to park it in Constitution Avenue, very close to the obelisk. Being Sunday, parking on the street is free, hence it took us a bit to find a hole.

We have visited for a couple of hours on American Holocaust Museum, always overwhelming, always sad, always necessary to remember. Important for generations to come.

Obelisk Washington Memorial in the National Mall - Photo: Salvador Samaranc


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Next we have addressed the Obelisk, known as Washington Memorial, which is next to the museum. Packed with American flags, from there you can photograph, on the one hand, the Capitol on the one hand, and on the other, the Lincoln Memorial, with all the green fields as a carpet, the sense of grandeur, of breadth.

Finally, to the car and to the hotel. The day has been very hot, although ideal for sightseeing and walks. The powerful air conditioning of premises and museums is the cause of the constipation of Aurora.


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