Segovia - This is the gothic church of Paradinas

Paradinas Church in the province of Segovia

The great wealth of cultural heritage What is there in Spain It is not limited to the great monuments that you can visit in cities and towns throughout the geographical area.

This wealth means that in the most unusual corners you can find interesting architectural jewels.

That is the case of the Paradinas church, in the province of Segovia, where I recently went to visit a friend who has his "refuge" in this small town just 30 kilometers from the capital.

Interior of the church of Paradinas in the province of Segovia

Dependent on the nearby municipality of Santa Maria la Real de Nieva, which you may have visited to see the Gothic cloister of his monastery. the Paradinas church You will find it on the outskirts of the small town center, next to a grove.

Outwardly it will seem like one of the many rural churches that irrigate the Spanish geography, and it does not let you intuit that you will be before a 16th century Gothic building.

With masonry walls and a square tower, the entrance is located on the north facade, on one side of the building. In the same entry there is an inscription that reminds us that it was a refuge church to protect criminals from justice.

Interior of the church of Paradinas in the province of Segovia

You will find the true architectural attraction inside where three naves separated by large columns are arranged.

In you visit of the church of Paradinas you will discover some vaults with a rich decoration, being of ogival cross the one that covers the main chapel.

In this chapel you can see a large altarpiece from the 18th century decorated in baroque style. On both sides of it there are two other baroque altarpieces of smaller dimensions.

Interior of the church of Paradinas in the province of Segovia

In short, a church where it is worth stopping during a route through this area of ​​the province of Segovia.

Photos Paradinas church

In anticipation of your possible visit, here are more Photos of the church of Paradinas in Segovia.

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