How to visit the Neo-Romanesque Crypt of the Almudena Cathedral

Neo-Romanesque crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

One of the surprises that you will find in your visit of the Almudena Cathedralfrom Madrid It is undoubtedly its spectacular Neo-Romanesque architectural style crypt.

It is a hidden corner of the cathedral building from which I advance you will be struck by the huge columns that are distributed throughout its floor.

In the project of the Almudena Cathedralwith the purpose that Madrid it had a great cathedral temple, its crypt was the first construction that was approached, so that in April 1883 the first stone was laid.

Neo-Romanesque crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

Finally, the crypt was opened to worship in May 1911, and shortly thereafter the project to build the entire temple, for different reasons, slowed down for decades.

Of course, it was in the years after the opening of the crypt when the ten were over chapels-pantheons of noble families of the time.

Currently the Crypt of the Almudena Cathedral fulfills the function of Parish of Santa María la Real de la Almudena.

How to visit the Almudena Cathedral Crypt

For visit the Crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, instead of accessing from inside the cathedral temple, you must exit through the main door to the Bailén street.

Neo-Romanesque crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

After turning right and go down the last section of the main Street, in the direction of Slope of the Vega, you will arrive at the facade of it.

This facade has a medieval style, with a triple door with semicircular arch.

What to see in Almudena Cathedral Crypt

As soon as you enter the crypt, which you will do for the ambulatory, or back of the High altar, as I have told you, you will be impressed by the large number of columns with capitals of enormous size and of a different design, all profusely lit.

On the right you will see five of the private chapel-pantheons.

After visiting the Almudena Cathedral, you will be surprised to find an architectural style neo-Romanesque as opposed toneo-gothic style of the cathedral temple.

Neo-Romanesque crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

The Crypt of the Almudena Cathedral It has the classic Latin cross floor plan.

In its central nave there are 50 huge columns of 3.28 meters high and a perimeter of 2.2o meters.

Also, in the rest of the crypt you can see another 365 columns.

As you walk along the side aisles, apart from the aforementioned ten private pantheons, on the ground you will see a succession of graves.

They are not only owned by noble families, but also by all those who have wanted to be buried in this crypt, since the possibility of having a sepulcher in it is open to everyone.

The most outstanding artistic work that is preserved in the Crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid is the wall painting of Our Lady of the Flower of Lys, which seems to date back to the time of Reconquest from Madrid.

Neo-Romanesque crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid

Discovered in 1623, even without conclusive evidence, it is considered that this painting was painted by order of Alfonso VI in the year 1083 to be venerated until the image of Santa Maria de la Almudena.

Opening hours visit Almudena Crypt Cathedral

The schedules of the Crypt of Almudena for the free visit they are every day of the week, from 10 to 20 hours.

Now you can also sign up for Guided visits that you must book in advance, and which are held from Monday to Friday at 10 and 12 in the morning.

With a duration of one hour and a price of 3 euros, here is the information on guided tours of the Almudena Crypt.

Neo-Romanesque crypt of the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid