These are the walks and guided tours with Carpetania Madrid

Guided tours and walks in Madrid with Carpetania Madrid

Without a doubt, the best way to do tourist visits in Madrid is to do it within the framework of Guided visits.

In Madrid You have a great offer of guided tours of monuments and museums, but an increasingly popular modality among travelers who visit large cities is to participate in guided tours or tours through the streets and historical areas of them.

In this regard, the Madrid City Council offers the wide range of guided tours Discover Madrid, program developed by the Tourist Board of Madrid.

But there are also entities or groups of tourist guides that offer their own guided tours.

In this regard I want to highlight the guided tours of Carpetania Madrid, a group of graduates in History, Art and Humanities that, enabled as tour guides, offer a wide range every month guided tours and urban walks program which combines historical and cultural themes with the most popular aspects.

Documented in literary and historical sources of Madrid, among the Guided tours and walks of Carpetania Madrid, in addition to the most typical of Madrid of the Austrias or the Madrid of Letters, you meet him Madrid of Captain Alatriste, From Wonders to Malasaña, he Republican MadridWomen of Malasaña or the Madrid Bohemian.

But with Carpetania Madrid you can also visit the Madrid of the Bourbons, the Gran Via, popular neighborhoods like Chueca or count Duke, or corners little known as the El Capricho Garden. And there is no lack of routes where they are remembered Fables and Legends or Madrid mysteries and secrets.

The broad guided tours program it is planned several weeks in advance, and they are carried out in groups of 10 to 20 people.

These visits are carried out in daytime routesOn Saturdays and Sundays in the morning, starting between 10.30 and 11, oo hours, with an hour and a half duration.

But they also celebrate night guided toursOn Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 8.30 pm, with a duration of just over two hours and with a stop to take a drink already included in the price.

The prices of guided tours of Carpetania Madrid They are 10 euros, for daily routes, and 11 euros for night routes, with a discount of one euro with Youth cards, ISIC, Cultural Traveler Passport and Club Fnac.

My experience of several visits with Carpetania Madrid is that it is a different and enjoyable way to get to know the city. Highly recommended.