Program of the Fiestas de San Isidro 2010, with Gran Vía as the main protagonist


Poster of the Festival of San Isidro 2010 in Madrid

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The climax of the tourist activities that traditionally focus on the May in Madrid, and that make it one of the best times of the year to visit the capital, are the San Isidro festivities, which are the patron saint festivities of the city.

The Festivities of San Isidro 2010 in Madrid they are celebrated from May 12 to May 15, and the Program This year covers a large number of activities that take place in different scenarios of the city.

Below I detail the tomost important activities of Program of the Fiestas de San Isidro 2010 in Madrid.

Giants and Bigheads parade

The celebrations of San Isidro de Madrid 2010 They are inaugurated on the 12th of this month of May, with a Giants and Bigheads parades which takes place through the streets of historic Madrid.

It starts at the Plaza de Santo Domingo, at 6:00 p.m., and after touring Preciados Street, Puerta del Sol and Calle Mayor, it will end at Plaza de la Villa, at 8:00 p.m., where the traditional one takes place proclamation of the holidays, which this year is in charge of singer Raphael.

Blue carpet and musical performances in Gran Vía

For him May 15, the date of the festival of San Isidro, the main event of those who have prepared for the San Isidro festivities of this year, which takes place in the Gran Via on the occasion of the celebration of Centenary.

For the denomination Centennial Night, the Gran Vía, in all its extension of 1,400 meters, from Alcalá street to Plaza de España, will be covered with a big blue carpet, which can be trodden by the people of Madrid and the visitors of the city from the aforementioned 18 hours. Throughout it three musical stages are enabled that will have performances during the late night.

So, on the stage of the Spain Square groups and singers of the Movida will perform; in the Spain Square a tribute will be made to the great Musicals, a genre that in recent years has taken center stage in the Gran Vía; and on the stage of the St. Louis Network, the couplets, the zarzuelas and the tangos will be the protagonists.

3D documentary in the Gran Vía telephone building

One of the most important buildings in the Gran Viathat of Telefonica, will be protagonist in the Festivities of San Isidro 2010 in Madrid, with the screening of a documentary in three-dimensional 3D on its facade, which will take place on day 15, at 22.05 hours and at 0.30 hours on the 16th.

Strolling around, the Circus Price Theater in the Lavapiés neighborhood

May 14-16, within the Fiestas de San Isidro 2010, the Circus theater Price will perform various shows and performances in different streets and corners of downtown Lavapies neighborhood.

Music in the Vistillas Gardens

The Vistillas Gardens, together with the Aqueduct, will again be the stage for musical performances on the occasion of the Festivities of San Isidro 2010 in Madrid. These performances are celebrated May 14-16, and range from cuplés to pop-rock music

Ballroom dancing in the Sabatini Gardens

Of the May 14-16, the great Hollywood musicals they become protagonists in Sabatini Gardens. At the same time that images of the unforgettable performances of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers are projected on a large screen, the Wall Big Band orchestra performs different musical numbers. Four professional dancers make an exhibition of ballroom dancing, while inviting the public to go out to dance.

We Dance, which is what the show is called, takes place from 7 pm to 0.30 am, although the dancers and the orchestra only perform from 10 pm.

Other musical, theater and dance shows

  • Planet Madrid, meeting of music and sustainable development in the Paseo de la Chopera, the evening night of May 14.
  • University, XXXII edition of the Rock Villa Awards in Madrid, on May 15, at the sports facilities of the Complutense University.
  • Urban culture, on May 15, at the Madrid Arena on Avenida de Portugal, a hip-hop music meeting.
  • Madrid Independent Circuit, from May 13 to 16, in different venues and music halls.
  • San Isidro in Proximity, theater and dance shows, from May 12 to 15
  • Concert in the National Auditorium, on May 13
  • Concert of the Municipal Band in the Retiro Park, on May 16
  • Theater Programming in other rooms in Madrid

Itinerary of the Procession of San Isidro

The traditional San Isidro procession, with the images of San Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza, the May 15, day of San Isidro, at 19 hours, leaving from the San Isidro Collegiate Church, on Toledo Street 37, with the following itinerary:

Departure from the Royal Collegiate Church of San Isidro - Toledo Street - Plaza de Segovia Nueva - Closed Door - Streets of San Justo, Sacramento and Mayor - Plaza de la Villa - Calle Ciudad Rodrigo - Plaza Mayor - Gerona Street - Plaza de la Provincia - Imperial and Toledo streets - Return to the Royal Collegiate Church
from San Isidro.

More information about the Fiestas de San Isidro 2010

In the attached link you can download the pdf with the complete Program of the Fiestas de San Isidro 2010 in Madrid. And you can also visit the official website of the Fiestas de San Isidro 2010 in Madrid.