Exhibition of humanitarian photography Luis Valtueña in CentroCentro

Survivors seeking refuge from photographer Olmo Calvo

From February 3 to 28 you have the opportunity to see in Madrid the humanitarian photography exhibition which collects the work of the finalists and winner of the Luis Valtueña Award, in its XIX edition, convened by Doctors of the World.

This exhibition that you can visit for free It comes inCenterCenter, at Cibeles Palace, current seat of the city hall of the capital.

The winner of the award this time has been the Cantabrian photographer Bald Elm with his series «Survivors in search of refuge», with images of Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans fleeing the war are heading towards the countries of northern Europe.

Work of Santi Palacios in humanitarian photography exhibition in CentroCentro

These photos show their diaspora across the borders of countries such as Greece, Serbia or Macedonia, which reached its maximum media prominence during the last summer of 2015.

In the exhibition you can also see the works of the finalist photographers, such as the PeruvianMiguel Mejía Castro, who has presented this series of photos «The pain of return, innocent victims between 1980 and 2000».

In this series of photographs, the consequences of the confrontation between the guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso and the Peruvian army are shown.

For its part Santi Palaces Chestnut It has also been a finalist with the series “Thousands of lives at stake to reach Europe”, with photos that reflect the drama of the sea voyage aboard fragile plastic boats that thousands of people have made between Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos .

The pain of the return of photographer Miguel Mejía

«Madrid dormitory» is the series of photos of Javier Pebble Bagur, another of the finalists, which shows places where homeless people spend their nights in the capital spend their nights.

He Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award It is convened in memory of four cooperators killed in Rwanda in 1997 and Bosnia in 1995 when they were working on humanitarian action projects:Flors Sirera, Manuel Madrazo, Mercedes Navarro and Luis Valtueña, this latest reporter photographer from the Cover Agency.

The Humanitarian photography exhibition schedules Luis Valtueña They are from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 20 hours, being closed on Mondays.