How to climb to the Mirador Madrid of the Cibeles Palace and avoid queues


Panoramic views of Madrid from the Cibeles viewpoint

If you live in Madrid you know that in 2011 an important reform of theCibeles Palace centrally located Plaza de Cibeles in order to house the new headquarters of the town hall From the capital.

This reform also brought with it various news of interest to Madrid residents and tourists visiting the capital, such as a new Cultural center and the tourist attraction of a new lookout from the aforementioned terrace Cibeles Palace.

Indeed, since then Madrid and visitors have the newexhibition center called CenterCenter, which was born with the purpose of completing the artistic and cultural offer of Art Walk.

Panoramic views of Madrid from the Cibeles viewpoint

And on the other hand, the renovated Cibeles Palace incorporates the so-called Madrid viewpoint from which you have some very good panoramic views of Madrid.

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Where is the Cibeles viewpoint

This viewpoint is located on the 8th floor of the great central tower of the building, which is 40 meters high.

He Madrid viewpoint It has been closed to visits for a few months on the occasion of the rehabilitation works on the facade of the Cibeles Palace, and now it is already open again for visitors.

With about 120,000 visits a year, since viewpoint of the palace of Cibeles offers 360 degree panoramic views of the downtown area surrounding the Plaza de Cibeles, overlooking the street of Alcala, Recoletos, Paseo del Prado, Gran Via and Colon.

Bar on the 6th floor of the Cibeles Palace in Madrid

In addition to the viewpoint, in square 6 you have a restaurant and onecocktail bar terrace, which opens every day from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. (2.30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays).

From the cocktail bar terrace you also have good panoramic views, although with a lower perspective.

Madrid viewpoint at Palacio Cibeles

If you dare to make this visit, I tell you that schedules to go up to the viewpoint terrace of the Palacio de Cibeles They are from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., with last access half an hour before closing time.

Keep in mind that the terrace closes on Mondays as well as certain holidays, January 1 and 6, May 1, December 24, 25 and 31.

On January 5 the schedule is from 10 to 14 hours.

Cibeles Square from the Mirador Madrid

Prices Mirador Madrid tickets in Cibeles Palace

Heentrance fee to climb to the viewpoint of the Cibeles Palace It is 3 euros.

There is also a reduced rate of 1.50 euros from which children under 7 to 14 years, over 65, unemployed people, pensioners and people with disabilities benefit.

You can also free climb to the terrace of the Cibeles Palace if you go on May 2 or 15, or on November 9, and throughout the year, children up to 6 years old.

How to climb to the Cibeles viewpoint

To climb to the viewpoint you have to meet some access rules that have been established to avoid the formation of queues, and which are summarized here.

Access staircase to the Mirador Madrid in Cibeles

Heaccess to the viewing terrace It is not direct, but at the ticket office of the palace you have topick up a ticket where the time you can upload to it is indicated.

Visits are carried out with intervals ofevery 30 minutes, and ingroups of up to 50 people.

This ticket is delivered as visitors arrive.

How to avoid queues to go up to the Cibeles viewpoint

When the available quotas have been covered, which can happen in festive bridges or holiday seasons, the tickets are finished.

Therefore, it is advisable on these dates if you wantgo up to the viewpoint of the Palacio de Cibeles is to do the buy tickets online, service that has a price premium of 0.50 euros, but that ensures you the entry in the date and time that best suits you.

Panoramic views of Madrid from the Cibeles viewpoint

Once you have the entrance, if you have to wait to go up to the viewpoint, the time until the assigned time of access to it can be dedicated tovisit inside the palace wavesfree exposures which are shown to be displayed in the exhibition center.

About 10 minutes before the assigned time you must go up in the elevator to the 6E floor, where the access point to the terrace is located.

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At the time indicated at your entrance, they call the group of 50 people, and you can now climb the stairs, of which I advance you have 88 steps.

If you need it because of your age or motor difficulties, you can go up by elevator.

Once you have reached the terrace, you can stay between five and ten minutes, with enough time to enjoy these views and take the corresponding photos.

I anticipate that it is a worthwhile visit as you can see by seeing these photos of the views from the terrace of the Cibeles Palace.