Monte Abantos, the best panoramic views of the Monastery of El Escorial

Monastery of the Escorial in the surroundings of Madrid

One of the main characteristics of El Escorial Monastery, which you can visit in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in the surroundings of Madrid, is its incredible monumentality.

In this regard you should know that the El Escorial Monastery It was already considered the largest building in Europe at the time it was built, in the 16th century.

And when you are in front of its facade, it will be difficult for you to cover that great monumentality that you will only be able to appreciate as you walk around the building and through its gardens.

El Escorial Monastery from Mount Abantos in the Sierra de Madrid

Now, if you are going to visit El Escorial by car, there is another quite advisable possibility of having a great panoramic view of the Monastery of El Escocial and the landscapes of its surroundings: from the lookout what's on the climb to Monte Abantos.

I can tell you that to appreciate the monumentality of Monastery of El Escorial, This panoramic view is much better than what you have since the so-called Felipe II chair.

He Monte Abantos it is the mountain at the foot of whose slope it extends San Lorenzo de El Escorial And his monastery.

The panoramic view of the latter, whose photos illustrate this text, can be seen when you start the ascent to the aforementioned hill by the hillside at whose feet this village of the Sierra de Madrid.

How to climb Mount Abantos

For climb Mount Abantos The problem is that you will not find a specific signaling.

El Escorial Monastery from Mount Abantos in the Sierra de Madrid

It is recommended that in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, once you have passed by car through the west monastery facade and you have crossed the exit portico of its enclosure, follow the same road whose path makes a right turn.

As soon as you find the first turn to the right, head up the street.

In the end, always looking for the streets that lead you up the hill you will reach the beginning of the road that goes up Mount Abantos.

Keep in mind that it is not a normal road, but that it is a paved forest road which is accessed after crossing a fence.

East forest road of Mount Abantos It is usually in quite bad condition, with many potholes, but soon you will reach a lookout from where you will have the excellent panoramic views of the El Escorial Monastery.

In view of the photos you will be with me that is worth uploading.