Coast to Coast (30) - This was the visit of Dallas and the JFK murder museum

Sixt Floor Museum of Dallas in Texas

In our new day ofcoast to coast travel in the United States, after breakfast we went straight to downtown from Dallas, where we managed to park the car in an outdoor parking lot for $ 1.75 for the whole day.

Dallas It is the third largest city in Texas, after Houston and San Antonio. but its metropolitan area, with 6.2 million inhabitants, is the largest in the state and the fourth in the country.

Dallas city It is mostly known for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred in November 1963, and this will mark our visit to the city.

Downtown Dallas skyscrapers in Texas

Initially we walked for about four hours through the urban center downtown from the city. Of great extension, it is above all an area of ​​offices and restaurants. In many buildings of a certain size there are in the basement catering services, usually with a Food curet.

We take the opportunity to eat in one of these places called Alonti, located in the basement of Bank of America skyscrapers. This place specializes in salads of all kinds, with wraps and the like, all of good quality.

We also visited the Dallas Holocaust Museum which recalls the Jewish holocaust of World War II. The visit was interesting, but hard and sensitive.

Sixt Floor Museum of Dallas in Texas

Then it was time to visit the Sixt Floor Museum - JFK and the memory of a nation, which is how the Museum of the assassination of President JFK, John F Kennedy.

Located in 499 of Elm st, it is the building from where, according to the Warren CommissionAt 12:30 pm on November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was shot. At that time this building was a library.

The name of the museum already indicates that it is located in the sixth floor of the building, right in the space from where the three shots were made. The facilities of the exhibition dedicated to JFK also extend to the seventh floor, and everything is very well documented and presented.

Dallas Holocaust Museum in Texas

The visit is carried out with audioguide, so that you gradually receive the progressive explanation of all aspects of the assassination, from the 1960 election campaign that JFK won - first Catholic president and the youngest in history - until the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the death of Jack ruby, in 1967, in prison for cancer.

The evidence and evidence and conclusions of the Warren Commission. Having seen it so many times on television or in movies, it is now really exciting to see closely what was visible from that window and see the exact place where the gunfight was located.

Monument dedicated to JFK in Dallas in Texas


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After visiting the museum, we approached where President JFK was at the time the shots hit him. There is an X on the road in the exact place.

In summary, Dallas We found it a clean city, where we discovered that, as in many American cities, there is the tram as a means of transportation, and where, to end our visit, we could also see a simple but original memorial dedicated to president Kennedy.


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