San Francisco - Photo gallery of the most popular neighborhoods in the city

Victorian houses Painted Ladies from Alamo Park in San Francisco

Sure that San Francisco it will be one of the most important stages in yourtrip to the west coast of the United States.

Even if you do not have too much time for your route, at the time of planning it I advise you to leave San Francisco aside.

It is a very pleasant city to visit, which offers you very charismatic corners, such as the Golden Gate suspension bridge, its famous steep streets that run through historic trams, and the bay.

In addition, the attractiveness of its different neighborhoods, from Chinatown, until Little italy or Castro, will make San Francisco one of the most rewarding stages of the trip.

Pictures Neighborhoods of San Francisco

As a complement to all the information found in this blog to plan your visit, here is a gallery of San Francisco photos, with images of its most popular neighborhoods.

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