Coast to Coast (21) - Arrival in Memphis, Graceland ... and a Wal Mart

Elvis Prestley Museum in Graceland in Memphis

In our next travel stage along the west coast of the United States, we arrive about 2 pm at our motel near Memphis.

After cleaning a little and leaving the suitcase, we headed towards Graceland, the house where he lived Elvis presley and where, in addition, he is buried.

Because of its visiting hours (closes at 5:00 p.m.), we consider it more appropriate to return the next day at the beginning of the day to be able to travel calmly Graceland, like all the different buildings, museums, shops and hotels (Heartbreak Hotel), all with motifs and memories in tribute to Elvis Presley.

In this quick first impression we already detected that the shed Mounted is very important. There are many tourists who visit Graceland, and that many jobs are based on the figure of Elvis.

Tomb of Elvis Prestley in Graceland in Memphis

Although there are visitors coming from all over the world, the vast majority of tourists were Americans. For them Elvis Prestley is still a great idol.

Then we traveled by car several kilometers from Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis in search of a supermarket Wal mart, which we finally found quite far from Graceland.

He Wal mart it becomes like a great Carrefour, although with American touches: the halls are much wider; cars with a somewhat larger size; There are really huge family packages of almost all types of products. In addition, with a wide variety of each product, everything is very clean and very well presented.

We found clothes and electronics really cheap, but not food, which seemed more expensive than in Spain.

To highlight the almost non-existence of White marks at Wal mart, which may explain that you do not find products with breaking prices. And that the euro / dollar exchange would favor being able to find products at a really good price.

The reading that Aurora and I do is that white brands may be considered a bit of fraud here before the consumer, since it is a product that has been created and developed by another company. In the United States there is great respect, and also copyrights, about products, ideas, etc. developed and implanted by others.

When leaving hypermarket Wal martIn the box they ask me for identification because I had bought two large cans of beer. I show the passport, look at it and go ahead! Bit strange. I don't think I look like a fifteen year old, nor do I know in what circumstances they wouldn't allow me to buy alcohol.

Ah! Aurora and I were the only white people in the entire hypermarket and the surrounding area. No doubt we should be in an African-American neighborhood, as they say here.

To also highlight how easy it is drive in Memphis, and in general, drive throughout the United States and Canada. Very wide streets or roads that very few signs of prohibition. In the crossings of streets or roads of 3/4 lanes per direction, you can always turn left, sometimes by means of a central lane enabled for these turns.

Really is the ideal world for cars, few prohibitions, almost everything allowed. Just don't think about breaking the speed limits!


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