Bodie - Ghost mining town near Yosemite in California

Bodie, ghost town in California near Yosemite

In youtrip along the west coast of the United States, if you travel between Yosemite Park and the national parks of southern Utah, or even Las Vegas (or vice versa), you will have the option of being able to visit Bodie.

It's about a historic mining town which is now considered a "ghost town“.

On this trip, when leaving Yosemite on the mountainous route of Tioga Road, you have to head north on Route 395 to Mono City turn northeast on 165, which will lead you to Bodie.

Bodie It is located about 160 kilometers from the Yosemite Valley, tourist center of the national park, which means two and a half hours of travel on the Tioga Road.

Bodie, ghost town in California near Yosemite

If we go (or come) to Las Vegas, the turn off on 395 towards Bodie means deviating from the route about 40 kilometers (45 minutes), plus the turn.

Bodie it is a town that was born with the California Gold Rush.

In 1859, when gold was discovered on the hill of Monkey lake, a first mining settlement with 20 inhabitants was created, a population that, with the aforementioned gold fever, grew to reach 10,000 inhabitants in 1880.

As a sample of this population boom, it is known that Bodie had 65 rooms.

Bodie, ghost town in California near Yosemite

With the decline of mining activity, the population was reduced to convert Bodie in an abandoned town, that is, a ghost town.

In 1961 he State of California made it a State Historical park, which ensured conservation as it was at that time, and opened to the public for the visit.

Although of the town that became Bodie there are many fewer buildings left, there are still 200 structures that are preserved as they were in 1962, so that all the elements that were in buildings such as the school or the church are maintained.

In addition, to maintain the appearance of a ghost town, in Bodie there is no type of trade or new building.

As I have not had the opportunity to visit Bodie, I recommend reading the personal blog of Aitor and Oihana, Gure Bidaiak, in which they tell us the experience of your visit to Bodie, in California, and in which we can see numerous photos.

The schedules to visit Bodie they are, from mid-March to the end of October, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the rest of the year, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can sign up for a 50-minute guided tour for a price of $ 6.

How to get to Bodie in California