San Francisco - Painted Ladies Victorian Homes in Haight Ashbury

Victorian houses Painted ladies at Alamo Park in San Francisco

Haight ashbury It is one of the most interesting districts to visit inSan Francisco during your Travel along the west coast of the United States.

Located in the upper part of the city, north of the Market Street and near the Castro neighborhood of the Golden gate park, this district achieved its fame by being center of the hippie movement in the 60s.

Currently, the Haight Ashbury District It maintains a bohemian atmosphere in its streets, typical of a European city, with Arab restaurants and cafes, designer shops and hippie-style clothing stores.

Victorian houses Painted ladies at Alamo Park in San Francisco

In addition, this environment is complemented by the charm of the Victorian houses,

With their colorful facades, these houses known as Painted Ladies they have become one of the undoubted attractions that tourists offer the San Francisco city.

The biggest example of this type of houses you will find in Alamo Square, a park next to which you can see a row of houses of this characteristic style that will lead you to think that you are in Europe.

Its undoubted beauty and the panoramic view that the houses have from the park, with the background of the Downtown downtown skyscrapers, makes them a must for visitors to San Francisco.

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