Coast to Coast (15) - En route by road from Washington to Nashville

Road to Nashville on the United States coast-to-coast trip

Today we left the hotel very soon, around 7 in the morning, because we had almost 1,100 kilometers ahead until you reach Nashville, in our coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada.

In the morning, with all the sun on us, we had to stop several times to walk, have some coffee and / or Coca Cola, and even sleep for a while, because I was drowsy.

The truth is that my eyes were closed, and since Aurora did not carry the original of her driving license, essential for the international driving license be valid, we prefer not to risk her driving, and we have decided to stop from time to time.

The roads are fantastic, well indicated, where it is very difficult to get lost, and Maggie (he GPS) and I already know each other and we are in good tune after a week of sharing itinerary.

Road to Nashville on the United States coast-to-coast trip

The information posters On the highways (interstates) they are very complete, At each exit you are informed of the available gas stations, existing accommodation and restaurants, of nearby tourist places ...

Important: the gasoline price It is approximately half that in Spain.

Usually, police cars hide under bridges, in the space between the two directions of travel on the highway.

We have already begun to realize that the long roads make an essential fixative of speed in the car. In this way, the feet can rest much of the way.

On Route we stop to eat in an establishment called Quaker Barrel, which we had already visited on some other occasion.

It is a chain that you find next to the highways, with great preponderance in the east and south of the United States, in whose premises the quality souvenir shop is combined, with a catering service that offers a traditional, tasty and homemade cuisine .

Cracker Barrel settlement on the road to Nashville

The waitresses are ladies of a certain age, very friendly and helpful. We ate those homemade delicacies very well, of course, without beer. Really the Quaker Barrel We liked them a lot, and we have always stopped where we have seen them, if only to visit the store.

Until Tennessee the maximum speed was 65 miles per hour., but in that state it rose to 70 miles. It seems that each state has its autonomy with respect to speed limits.

After a very long day on the road, we arrive at the hotel next to Nashville around 9:00 p.m., but since the central time is applied in this city, we have earned an hour, so it is actually 8 p.m.

We had dinner at the hotel what we bought in the supermarket, accompanied by the Bud (or better, the Bud s), who know glory after the long day of transition.

It has been a hard day, very hard, and we have decided that traveling more than 700 kilometers a day is an exaggeration.


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