Oregon - This is Cannon Beach, the beach of the "goonies"

Cannon Beach beach in Oregon

In you west coast trip, if you arrive by the northwest until Portland, the state capital of Oregon, you have the opportunity to approach beautiful natural landscapes, such as Multnomah Falls, east of the capital.

But if you go to the coast you will discover that these are also an area of ​​lush forests that lead you to another well-known and popular natural site among the inhabitants of visitors to this United States region. I mean the Cannon Beach.

Located an hour and a half west of Portland, This place has gained a special reputation since its landscapes were protagonists of the children's filmThe goonies, released in 1985.

In the past this area was known as Elk creek, but from the decade of the 20s it was renamed as Cannon beach, in memory of a cannon discovered in 1898 that belonged to a schooner of the United States Navy that had taken land in the mid-nineteenth century.

Cannon Beach beach in Oregon

What is special about this beach? Apart from being surrounded by lush forests, no doubt its fame comes from the rocky pinnacles that rise in the sea very close to it.

The most prominent and famous is known as Raystack rock. It is a monolithic rock 72 meters high, located very close to the shore, to the point that at low summer tides can be reached on foot.

Cannon Beach beach in Oregon

If you dare to approach swimming, keep in mind that these waters of the Pacific Ocean They are really cold. Do not think that you are on a Mediterranean beach, with its warm waters.

You will also be an area where you can also watch wildlife, such as birds or whales. And of these last, the story of Cannon beach It has several events.

As a curiosity I will also tell you that you are in a region susceptible to suffering tsunamis. The last important one took place in 1964, after the one known as The Good Friday Earthquake. In fact, on the beach you will find posters that tell you what to do if you will notice in an earthquake, which is summed up in running as fast as possible to high areas, without waiting for any warning.

Tsunami Warning on Cannon Beach Beach in Oregon

Cannon Beach on the map of Oregon

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