Chronicle of a coast-to-coast trip through the United States and Canada

Salvador and Aurora in Monument Valley in Arizona - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

I am pleased to announce that in Travel Guides to the United Statess begins the publication of the chronicle of a great coast to coast trip by U.S and Canada, round trip.

To do this, I welcome my friend Salvador Samaranchwho in summer 2010 has made this trip, with a duration of 64 daystouring over 18,000 kilometers For both countries.

As a result of this exceptional trip, Salvador is finalizing the edition of a book that collects the chronicle of his trip, with their day-to-day experiences, information on the visits made, and their reflections on them.

Salvador has made this trip accompanied by his wife Aurora, and his travel chronicle from coast to coast It becomes a very useful source of information if you plan to take a vacation trip from the United States, both to the East Coast as to the West Coast, and essential if you plan to make a coast to coast route.

Aurora, at a stop en route to Nashville - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

In this new section of Travel Guides to the United Statestitled Costa Coast Trip, Salvador is going to publish, chronologically, a chronicle with excerpts from his book, with useful and interesting information that will help you plan your own trip.

With him travel story from coast to coast, you will also see numerous photo galleries taken by Salvador himself, with images that are an essential graphic complement to illustrate it.

This coast-to-coast trip, type road trip, it begins with the arrival at New York, from where, after taking the previously rented car, Salvador and Aurora travel the east coast visiting Philadelphia, he Lancaster County and Washington.

Then the trip continues inside, for Nashville, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona (Albuquerque and Phoenix, arriving at Monument Valley, then go down to Grand Canyon), Las Vegas, until finally reaching the west coast, in The Angels.

Salvador in the Niagara Falls - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

Next, the route of Salvador and Aurora goes up the Sequoia National Park until then go to San Francisco. From there they keep going up Portland and Seattle, to enter Canada and get to Vancouver. Then, through the interior of this great country, the route goes to the Rocky Mountains, until Calgary.

Down the great highway Transcanadian Highway 1, Salvador and Aurora arrive at Moose Jaw, in the Canadian Midwest, then re-enter U.S by North Dakota, to go Minneopolis, in Minnesota, and then to Wisconsin.

The next stage of this great round trip coast to coast trip is Chicago, then go to Cleveland, in Ohio. From there, to Niagara Falls, then re-enter Canada and get to Toronto.

In Canada, the trip continues through Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec then return to the United States through Boston and finally end up visiting New York. In total, 18,118 kilometers traveled in the 64 days of travel.


In addition to being able to follow through the blog the different stages of the road trip coast to coast trip through the United States and Canada, you have the possibility of having all the information compiled in a single document. To do this, download the ebook book “18118 kilometers through the United States and Canada”.


I invite you to follow the chronicles of this great journey from coast to coast that Salvador will be publishing in the coming weeks and months.

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