Rumson and Freehold, following the path of Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey

Residential area in Freehold in New Jersey

After visit Asbury Park, and the Stone pony, at the beginning of our coast to coast road trip through the United States and Canada, we follow the path of Bruce springsteen by New jersey and we went to Rumson, about 45/50 kilometers from the aforementioned Asbury Park.

Why precisely to Rumson? In this area lives the ineffable Bruce, although nobody knows for sure where his residence is.

It is said that the boss has several mansions by New jersey, but that for security reasons it is not just known which they are, nor in which they can be.

Residential area in Freehold in New Jersey

Rumson It is a large residential area near New York, with houses (better mansions) really spacious, most with the flag (not to be missed!), surrounded by lots of vegetation and green areas.

The majority without fences and without separation of the gardens with the neighbors. Beautiful area to live.

Since Rumson We're going to Freehold, place where he grew up Bruce springsteen. Old working-class city, has evolved into a town typical american, residential and very nice to reside.

Memorial at Freehold in New Jersey

We walked through the town and saw a soldiers memorial Town residents who died in the various races in which the United States has been involved.

In Freehold we also had some beers Budweisers (Buds) in the pizzeria Federici, whose owners are the family of the deceased Danny Federici, member of the E Street Band.

We arrived at the hotel around 9 pm, after missing half an hour on one of the many highways. The GPS sometimes does not quite clear at all and we do not quite understand.

Pizzeria Federici in Freehold in New Jersey

We have baptized the voice that gives us directions from the GPS as Maggie. In the end we will really become friends with Maggie and all the initial misunderstandings were overcome happily and we came to understand each other perfectly.

We have also baptized our car as Potomac and, familiarly, we call him Poto.

We arrived at the hotel really exhausted. We dined in the room, connected to the Internet and booked the washington hotel for a couple of days later.


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