San Francisco - Curiosities of Chinatown Chinatown

San Francisco Chinatown

Who have had occasion to visit china, we really have the greatest capacity to appreciate the authenticity ofChinatownChinatown, from San Francisco.

Chinatown It is one of the most curious and interesting visits you can do in San Francisco, during yourtrip along the west coast of the United States.

When walking through its streets, there are times when you can feel abducted and think that you are, for example, in the populous streets of Shanghai.

San Francisco Chinatown

He San Francisco Chinatown It is incomparably more interesting than other celebrities Chinatown such as that of New York.

There is no color; What's more, the latter Chinatown I consider it uninteresting to visit.

Chinatown San Francisco history

The Chinatown origins from San Francisco They date back to the arrival of Chinese citizens to work in the gold mines of California, which began in the mid-19th century.

He San Francisco Chinatown You find it very close to the city center, Downtown, born in the street Market and extending north to the Broadway Avenue, at its confluence with the Columbu Avenues.

San Francisco Chinatown

To visit it, it is advisable to walk through the grant street.

If you start your visit from the Market Street, you will cross the Dragon Gate, moved to this place from Taiwan, whose Government gave her in 1969 to the city of San Francisco.

On the way to the Broadway Avenue, you will really live the atmosphere of a Chinese city, with buildings of Chinese architecture, Chinese street lamps, restaurants, clothing stores and articles of Chinese origin, etc.

It is advisable to then go down the Stockto streetn, where even this oriental environment is even greater.

San Francisco Chinatown

As curiosity I will tell you that San Francisco Chinatown It was created in the 1840s and is the oldest in the United States.

Nowadays it is even more visited by tourists than himself Golden Gate suspension bridge. No doubt its location in the heart of the city facilitates this popularity.

In its main square, Portsmouth, it is usual to see numerous Chinese practicing the Tai Chi or playing Chinese chess.

This square is considered as the heart of chinatown, and in it in summer a night market is usually held.

San Francisco Chinatown


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