Children's musical "The Little Prince" at the New Teatro Alcalá

Children's Musical The Little Prince in Nuevo Teatro Alcalá de Madrid

Technical sheet of Children's Musical The Little Prince

Artistic Direction and Dramaturgy: Rafael Boeta Pardo.Original music and Musical Direction: Gonzalo García Baz. Interpreters: The Aviator / A. Saint-Exupéry, Didier Otaola; The Little Prince, Noelia Marlo; SaintExupéry child, Luis Gago.

New Alcala Theater

  • Direction: Jorge Juan 62, Madrid
  • Seesituation of the New Alcala Theater in Madrid
  • Schedules: Saturdays, 17 hours; Sundays, 12 hours
  • Ticket prices: 20 euros
  • Buy tickets online: Catch it
  • Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
  • In poster: until April 18, 2012