San Francisco - Go up to the Twin Peaks viewpoint to see the panoramic views

Panoramic views from the Twin Peaks viewpoint in San Francisco

In youtrip to San FranciscoI strongly recommend that, if possible, you first visit to climb the hill of Twin Peaks

In that enclave you will find alookout, always very crowded with tourists, from where you have some splendid panoramic views of the city of San Francisco and the entire Bay.

To get to Twin Peaks viewpoint in San Francisco, from the city center, also known as the downtown, you must climb the very long Market Street to him Castro neighborhood.

Panoramic views from the Twin Peaks viewpoint in San Francisco

Once you reach the foot of the hill that rises in the southern part of the city, it is easy go up to the Twin Peaks viewpoint by an ascending road and with pronounced curves.

An important tip. Eye to the clothing you wear!

I remind you that in the San Francisco Bay There is a surprising micro-climate that causes that, even in the middle of August, the wind and the always cool temperature demand to wear at least a sweater or other garment to protect you. The viewpoint is a very windy place and you will surely need this garment to be able to enjoy the tranquility of the Panoramic views.

San Francisco panoramic photos

Next you have more photos of the panoramic views of San Francisco and its bay from the Twin Peaks viewpoint.

How to get to Twin Peaks

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