San Francisco - Photo Gallery of the famous Golden Gate Suspension Bridge

View from the north viewpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

If I ask you what is the place icon of San FranciscoYou will undoubtedly answer that Golden Gate suspension bridge.

Indeed, the most typical images of this beautiful city of California are linked to the Golden Gate, which in your San Francisco visit it's going to be a essential stage.

Stroll through the Golden Gate It will allow you to have some of the best sensations of your trip, for the charismatic of this famous architectural element.

Of course, go well sheltered because the special weather of the San Francisco Bay and the strong wind that you will surely find, even if you go in summer, it will make you appreciate wearing a sweater.

Finished to build in 1937, with its 120 meters in length, at the time it became the longest bridge ever built.

Here are some Photos of the Golden Gate Suspension Bridge over the San Francisco Bay, taken from the north and south viewpoints.