Costa a Costa (92) - The experience of shopping in supermarkets

Mall in North Dakota in the United States

Today is the third consecutive day of “Walker is on his way" They are 530 kilometers to travel between Jamestownin North Dakota, to Minneapolis, in Minnesota, in our already long coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada.

Cross the Midwest South Canadian and North American is a route where the incentive is that: make the route. As in many circumstances, there are times where you are more alone than others, where the road is still alive, where you flow to yourself.

It's like tough stages of Santiago's road, only by car; you get less tired of your muscles from not walking but your mind smokes.

We pass in the rain by Fargo, a city that became famous for being the title of a film by the Coen brothers which I once liked a lot.

We arrived at the hotel, ate at a nearby restaurantDennis, and we stayed in the room all afternoon resting ... and resting ... and resting.

We take the opportunity to see thanks to the Internet the movie Fargo, from 1996 directed, written and produced by Joel and Ethan Coen, which won two Oscar awards. As a curiosity, none of the scenes, exterior or interior, were shot in the city that gives it its name, Fargo.

As a reflection of the day, note that we have always considered that it is interesting and enriching the visit and know the shopping centers, the so-called “malls”, Stroll through the commercial areas of the visited towns, and visit the supermarkets that are always part of the local culture.

The supermarkets they emit the typical customer loyalty cards, which can be taken at once: they only need a name and that's it. I took the loyalty card in a Safeway They are very useful, because in many articles there is a price for the customer with a card, and another, much more expensive, for the customer without a card.

A negative characteristic in my opinion is that in many establishments, supermarkets or gas stations the marked prices are without taxation. The surprise you take it in cash, when to the indicated prices they add about 10 percent (although this percentage is variable) for local taxes, sales, state taxes, etc ...

In a country where everything is (or pretends to be) easy, simple, direct, we don't quite understand why a Coca Cola that, for example, advertises at $ 0.99 as a great offer, then cash costs $ 1.11 .

Another negative peculiarity is that not in all places that may seem obvious to us they sell alcohol and beers. In more than one large supermarket there is nothing, no alcohol or similar. We have never known if it was by local laws, the State in question or the owners of the establishment.

I imagine there is the individual freedom of the entrepreneur of sell or not alcohol, but this puritanism, in general, seems weird and more in the United States.


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